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Energy Drinks, Soft Drinks

Sweets & snacks
Chips, Chocolates

Baby products, Cosmetics, Toiletries (Soap, shampoo,etc)
Multi National Trading
Address: MultiNational Trading 2000 Ltd Suite 3A Argyle House Joel Street Northwood Hills HA6 1LN
Phone: 01923 510 263 Fax: 01923 510 263
Mobile / Cell Phone:
Brands :
Maynards, Cadbury's, M&M, Pringles, Snickers, Mars, Twix, Walkers, Heinz, HP, Nourishment, Dove, Napolina, Ragu, Huggies, Lynx, Comfort, Pampers, Persil
About the supplier :

We are a trading company, focusing on a mutual understanding of buying and selling products, ranging from grocery, to non-food, to alcoholic beverages, to soft drinks, to health and beauty, and household products. We are interested in purchasing products from yourselves and selling it on. In the same way, we will be sending promotional packages with price lists to yourselves every three to four weeks. Our terms will be on a proforma basis, on both sides, for ease and structural monotony.

This mutual business will aid you in every way as our flexibility and professionalism will award your business a competitive edge. In the economic time as it is, promotions and promotional prices are increasingly important and this is the epitome of MultiNationalTrading.

Which year service was started ?
Certifications / awards :
Export to which Countries :
United Kingdom
List of products :
  • Confectionary (Maynards Wine Gums,Cadbury's Picnic, Crunch, D Milk and Time Out,M+M Pouch,Pringles,Snickers, Mars and Twix,Walkers Crisps)
  • Grocery (Heinz Tomato Ketchup,HP Sauce,Nourishment,Dove Conditioner,Dove Shampoo,Napolina Olive Oil,Ragu Sauce)
  • Non Food (Huggies diapers, Lynx Shower Gel, Comfort, Pampers Fresh Wipes, Persil, Pampers diapers)
  • Soft drinks (Evian, Ribena)
Photos :
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