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Rice, Grains, Beans
Beans, Wheat, Pulses, Grains (Others)

Spices, Seasoning
Chilli (Mirchi), Clove (Lavang), Corriander seeds, Cumin seeds (Jeera), Fenugreek (Methi), Garlic (Lassun), Mustard seeds (Rai), Tamarind, Spices (Others)

Masalas & Powders
Jaggery, Masala powder, Spices powder, Powders (Others)
Malwa Spices
Address: Mandsaur-458001, M.P.
Phone: 07422222476
Mobile / Cell Phone: 9981444018
About the supplier :
We provide all types of Spices, because mandsaur, Neemuch,Ratlametc is the main city where crops Spices in large scale. Like Garlic (Lassun),Corriander seeds,Mustard seeds (Rai),Fenugreek (Methi) etc.
Which year service was started ?
Certifications / awards :
Export to which Countries :
List of products :
  • Fenugreek (Methi)
  • Mustard seeds (Rai)
  • Garlic (Lassun)
  • Corriander seeds
  • Chilli (Mirchi)
  • Tamarind
Photos :
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