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Rice, Grains, Beans
Beans, Dal, Peas, Rice, Pulses

Spices, Seasoning
Bay leaf (Tej patta), Cardamom (Elaichi), Chilli (Mirchi), Clove (Lavang), Corriander seeds, Cumin seeds (Jeera), Dry coconut, Fennel (Saunf), Fenugreek (Methi), Mustard seeds (Rai), Pepper (Kali mirch), Tamarind, Spices (Others), Turmeric

Masalas & Powders
Jaggery, Masala powder, Spices powder

Paste, Pickles and Oils
Canned foods, Pastes (Curry, ginger..), Pickles
HART Foods
Address: 9/9 D, Kastur Mahal, Sion , Mumbai - 400 022, Maharashtra (India)
Phone: (91)-(22)-24078320/240280 Fax: 91-22-24070627
Mobile / Cell Phone: 91-9987542780
Brands :
HART Foods
About the supplier :


Indian Spices and cuisines are known all over the world for their exquisite tastes, flavour, aroma and variety. Spices have formed an integral part of Indian and international cuisine for centuries, lending their wonderful taste and flavor to the food. In addition, spices are also known for their therapeutic and medicinal properties.


Since 1989, we at Hart Foods, are the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality Indian spices, curry powders, condiments, rice, papads, pickles, chutneys, canned fruits and vegetables and a host of other authentic Indian food products.


We observe high quality standards during the manufacturing and packing of our products. We get our raw materials direct from the farms and centers. Our robust infrastructure coupled with a talented team of technicians and the production team ensure that we manufacture food products commensurate to international standards. We lay special emphasis on the packaging of our products so they reach their destination in the best condition without losing their nutrition, taste, texture and aroma.





We are a quality focused company with a emphasis on providing hygienic and top end quality products to our customers. Our organization follows a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the quality of the foodstuffs. The equipments and machinery we have installed in our factory for production and to test quality standards stand testimony to our quality policy.

•We are one of the few spice exporters in India to offer spices conforming to the important physical, chemical and microbiological parameters as per international standards of European and American markets.

•We can steam and sterilize spices to control micro contamination in spices to required levels.

•Our procurement processes are detailed and supervised by a team of professionals who are experts in their field. Products are released in the market after due diligence on product quality.

•We make all efforts to achieve our goal of complete customer satisfaction.






Quality Control

We can and do provide the following value-added services to our clients based on their requirements

•Pulverizing facilities.

•Irradiation of products to conform to microbiological specifications of North American and European markets.

•Roasting & Blending of spices to enhance flavour and aroma.

•Heat Drying Treatment in spices to reduce moisture and micro contamination of spices.

•Mechanised Cleaning and sorting of spices to ensure purity.

•In- House microbiological and physical analysis of spices.

•Sieving of spices to ensure uniform mesh size of spice powders.

•Elimination of all ferrous contamination in ground spices using 9500 gauss German magnets.

•Elimination of all non ferrous contamination in ground spices like ss,fe etc.

•Steam sterilization of whole and ground spices.






The intrinsic value of spices are dependant mainly on the aroma and flavour of the products. Packaging plays a pivitol role in maintaining the freshness of spices.


We offer consumer pack spices in laminated pouch packing, in tin packing, in jute bag packing, Pet bottle packing or in cardboard box packing as per the specific requirements of the client. We also develop packaging in India for our clients all over the world in their language and as per the rules and regulations of their respective countries. We have developed packagings in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and in English to name a few languages that we have worked with our customers in.


We offer spices, rice, pulses and all processed foods in different packaging ranging from :

5 gms, 10 gms, 25 gms, 100 gms, 400 gms, 1 kg, 5kgs laminated pouches, PET bottles of 100 gms, 250 gms and 500 gms and Jute/ HDPE / Paper Bag packing in bulk packing of 25 kgs / 50 kgs.


We also offer:

Curry Powders in 5 gms, 10 gms, 25 gms, 125 gms, 250 gms, 500 gms and 10 kgs tin packing.

We offer our range of products packed in consumer packs in our own brand or client's brand.and language. We specialise in brand development and design development of consumer packaging for our clients.




Our Clients

We serve clients spread across 6 continents worldwide

•In Europe: U.K, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Malta

•In North America: U.S.A, Canada, Mexico

•Australia and New Zealand

•In the Far East : Japan and Taiwan

•In the Middle East: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, U A E, Syria and Jordan

•In Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Egypt and Morrocco

•In South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala and Cuba


Which year service was started ?
Certifications / awards :

We, at Hart Foods ( previously M S International ) have received international recognition with prestigious awards and certifications, reflecting the amount of trust and respect our own country India and countries in Europe including Spain France and Germany have reiterated in us.

Listed below are some of the awards and international recognitions we have received in the past 18 years


Awards & Certifications received by M. S. International:

•I7th International Award for Food and Beverages at Barcelona, Spain in 1994.

•20th Anniversary Golden International Award for Food & Beverages at Anuga Trade Fair on Cologne, Germany in 1997.

•INDIASTAR'98, the highest award given by the Ministry of Commerce, India to Indian exporters for value addition in Packaging.

•Ex member, National Task Force Committee, Spices Board, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

•Recommended in the EEC Inter Government dossier as official suppliers to the EEC.

•Interactive Suppliers of spices to Universities in Europe for their research requirements.


Export to which Countries :
United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Newzealand, Japan, Taiwan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, South America
List of products :
  • Whole Spices (Ajwain Seeds,Bay Leaves,Black Cardamom,Green Cardamom,Black and Yellow Mustard Seeds,Black Pepper whole ,Coriander seeds,Cumin Seeds whole,Dill Seeds,Dried Chilli,Dry Ginger Whole And Broken,Dry Red Chilli,Fennel Whole,Fenugreek Seeds,Panch Puran,Poppy Seeds,Red Chilly whole Kashmere,Seed Spices,Tukmaria,Turmeric whole,White Pepper Whole )
  • Powdered Spices (Coriander Powder ,Galangal Powder,Dry Mango Powder,Fennel Powder,Red Mild Chili Powder,Chilly Powder Hot ,Kashmiri Chilli Powder,Turmeric Powder ,Cumin Powder ,Coconut Powder,Ginger Powder,Black Pepper Powder,Cardamom Powder ,Mustard Powder,Fenugreek Powder,Cinnamon Powder,Crushed Chili Flakes,Nutmeg Powder,Celery Powder,White Pepper Powder , )
  • Blended Spices (Blend Tandoori Masala ,Blend Biryani Masala,Blend Chicken Tikka Masala,Blend Tea Masala,Blend Meat Masala,Blend Fish Masala,Blend Garam Masala,Blend Chicken Masala,Blend Vegetable Kurma Masala ,Blend Vegetable Pulao Masala ,Blend Chaat Masala,Blend Ginger Garlic Masala,Blend Jaljeera,Blend Sambhar Masala,Blend Channa Masala,Blend Punjabi Chole Ka Masala,Blend Chinese Five Spice Mixture,Blend Rasam Masala,Blend Vindaloo Masala , )
  • Curry powder (English Curry Powder (Mild & Hot),Malaysian Curry Powder,Golden Curry Powder,Madras Curry Powder ( Extra Hot ),Madras Curry Powder ( Special Grade ),Roast Curry Powder,Madras Curry Powder Hot,Madras Curry Powder Mild,Lotus Garden Curry Powder,Asian Star Curry Powder,African Special Grade Curry Powder (2 qualities) )
  • Papads (Lijjat Papad,Madras Pappadoms )
  • Green / Red Pepper in Brine & Dehydrated Green Pepper
  • Dehydrated Garlic and Onion (Dehydrated Red Onion,Dehydrated White Onion,Dehydrated Garlic,Garlic Flakes,Garlic Powder,Onion Powder,,, )
  • Rice (Basmati Rice ,Basmati Sela White,Basmati Golden Rice,Basmati Brown Rice,Basmati Raw Rice,Duplicate Sela White,Duplicate Golden Rice,Duplicate Esteem Rice,Par Boiled Rice,Duplicate Raw Rice,Duplicate Brown Rice,Sarbati Sella White,Sarbati Sella Golden,Sarbati Esteem Rice,Sarbati Raw Rice,Sarbati Brown Rice,Non Basmati Rice )
  • Pulses (Black Urid Dal ,Moong Green ,Masoor,Chana Dal (Roasted) ,Dal Moth ,Moth ,Indian Masur Dal ,Chana Dal ,Split Moong Dal ,Toor Dal ,Urid Dal ,Moong Dal ,Horse Gram ,Tuwar ,Black Urid Dal ,Kabuli Chana ,Pulses - Rajma (Pink) ,Black Kashmiri Rajma ,Green Peas (Vatana) ,White Peas (Vatana) ,Black Eye Chawli ,Roasted Gram ,Val(Pulses) ,Val Dal ,Vatana(Pulses) ,Sabudana )
  • Chutneys (Mango Chutney,Sweet And Hot Chutney,Major Grey Chutneys )
  • Pickles (Mango Lime,Mixed,Green Chilly ( 450 gms ),Vadu Mango,Avakkai Mango,Mango Lime,Lime Chilly,Mango Chilly,Lime Pickle ( sweet ),Pachranga Pickles )
  • Canned Fruit and Vegetables (Canned Vegetables,Alphonso Mango Pulp ,Kesar Mango Pulp,Totapuri Mango Pulp ,Alphonso Mango slices in syrup ,Pineapple Titbits , )
  • Condiments
  • Other Food Products (Black Sesame Seeds ,Raw Sesame Seeds,Hulled Sesame Seeds ,Cashew Nuts 320 Count ,Cashew Nuts 240 Count ,Cashew Nuts Split,Dhania Dal (Roasted) ,Powa (Rice Flakes) Thick And Thin ,Mumra (Puffed Rice Flakes),Sago Seeds,Samo Seeds,Aselio,Sabudana ,Soyabean – I ,Soyabean – II ,Sooji Fine,Sooji Coarse,Jaggery,Wheat Grits,Rice Grits,Maize Grits,Tamarind ,Desiccated Coconut,Psyllium Husk (Isabgol) ,Sabudana , )
  • Herbs (Thyme Leaves ,Sage Leaves,Oregano Leaves,Basil Leaves,Rosemary Leaves )
Photos :
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