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ankitsinha81 [USA]
Need Calling cards for Indian Grocery store in Michigan

Indian grocery store in Michigan looking for supplier in Calling cards for India

Posted on : 07th Jan 2012
Category : All
Neeraj [Australia]
Brown Sugar and Caster Sugar for Australia

Could you please arrange Brown Sugar and Caster Sugar for me ;

Both Brown Sugar and Caster Sugar is cooking/baking type products; NOT raw sugar

Brown Sugar used for cooking and caramelisation

ALL below minimum Quantities Per Annum ; If ALL sales rock up with Price & Quality then it could be doubled easily.

Caster Sugar 1kg: ; 250,000, units

Caster Sugar 500g: ; 310,000 units

Brown Sugar 1kg: ; indicative volume: 582,400 units

Brown Sugar 500g: ; indicative volume: 675,000 units

Total Quantity would be near to 1400 MT easily and may be more. And this above ALL requirement is not for one year only ,it will be keep going for couple of years until manufacturer stuffed up.

Packaging looks like plastic block-bottom block-top for 500g packs and re-sealable DOY pouches for 1kg packs.

Caster Sugar: packaging looks like paper block-bottom block top for 1kg format and plastic block-bottom block-top for 500g packs.

At the end of the day, we need to deliver best price, so please advise packaging preference to deliver efficiency. Outer-cartons can be brown SFT, not white-lined.

Could you please arrange with costing, shipping information (port of dispatch) and samples on immediate basis

Posted on : 05th Jan 2012
Category : All
Simone [Netherlands]
Need young coconuts to Holland
Looking to import young coconuts to Holland. Email me with the details
Posted on : 29th Dec 2011
Category : All
ankitsinha81 [USA]
Indian Sweet Suppliers to USA

I am opening an Indian Grocery store in Michigan, USA.

I request quotes from Indian Sweets Suppliers - please send me your rates.†

Posted on : 27th Dec 2011
Category : Refrigerated, Sweets, Snacks
VinceADM [USA]
100+ foot long Garlic Braid/Rope

We have a customer looking for a Garlic Braid of over 100 feet long. We have contacted people in Bakersfield and Gilroy, CA. If you have any other suggestions please pass them along. The tall task is getting it done by May of 2012.

Please give me any leads you may have.

Posted on : 27th Dec 2011
Category : All
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