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aromateaint [India]
Bird Eye Chilli (Dhani)

We Sell Bird Eye Chilli (Dhani) from North East, India.

We provide our customers Bird Eye Chilli (Dhani) in Dry Pod.

• Birds Eye Chilli grown in Mizoram and some areas of Manipur. Highly pungent North East, Assam, India.

Posted on : 08th Dec 2011
Category : Grains, Spices
aromateaint [India]
King Chilli/ Bhut Jolokia/ Naga Mirchi

We Sell Bhut Jolokia from North East, India.

We provide our customers Bhut Jolokia in Smoke Dried, Dry Pod & Powder forms. We are Bhut Jolokia growers from Assam. As you would be aware that the Bhut Jolokia is a naturally occuring hybrid native of the Assam region of North Eastern India. It is extensively cultivated in North Eastern Region of India especially in the states of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. The Guinness World Records has recognized it as the hottest chilli in the world.
We are one of the leading exporters of Bhut Jolokia from Assam.

We have the following:-
Dry Bhut Jolokia Pod - Oven Dried and Smoke Dried
Bhut Jolokia Powder
Bhut Jolokia Flakes

Posted on : 08th Dec 2011
Category : Grains, Spices
ankitsinha81 [USA]
Need quotes - Grocery store in USA
I am planing to open an Indian Grocery Store in Michigan Usa, and I am looking for suppliers. can you please email me with your rates
Posted on : 07th Dec 2011
Category : All
djtarique [Malaysia]
Importers of Food products to Malaysia

Company: Branderhorst Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd

We are importers of food products for various type such as flour and starches, herbs and spices, beans and splits/dhalls, grains, oil seeds, nuts, sweeteners, consumer products, canned food, desserts, dried fruits, perishables, spices, food additives, dried food, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, frozen seafood, non food items and also trading Fast Moving Consumer Products (FMCG). We are also exporters of commodities from Malaysia such as palm oil products, cocoa products, rubber products, timber and derivatives, food and beverage, mineral and chemicals and etc.

Solicit enquiries from Suppliers for Indian products.

Priority given to sellers who can provide with free sample and who have experience  

Posted on : 06th Dec 2011
Category : All
srinivasraja54 [India]
Dried red chillies and red chilly powder

We have been trading dried red chillies and chilly powder from 35 years. We can supply all varieties of dried chillies and best quality chilly powder in any quantity. Our business centers are located in Andhra Pradesh.


Posted on : 04th Dec 2011
Category : Grains, Spices
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