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ArockyaSanthai [India]

A Blend of Six Tastes

Powder. Only our tongue has got the capacity to convert the taste into glucose

and add it to blood directly.

Vitasmix66 is a mixture of

16 medicinal valued herbs and spices like Palm Sugar, Pepper, Mango powder,

Rock salt, Pomegranate seeds, Curry leaves, Fenugreek, Roasted Bengal Gram,

Garlic, Onion, Chilly, Gooseberries, Jambul Fruit Seeds, Cumin, Dry Ginger and


According to Ayurveda, a

balanced meal should contain all six tastes in order to completely nourish and

satisfy us. Often our foods lack one or more of the tastes which creates food


According to the ancient

texts of Ayurveda, any substance can be seen as medicine. Medicine is defined

as a substance that aids digestion. Depending on your choices, foods can be

medicinal, have no medicinal value, or act as a poison. Ayurveda defines a

poison as anything that disturbs digestion. Food becomes medicine when you choose

tastes of foods and herbs that balance both your constitution or prakruti and

your imbalances or vikruti.

Food and herbs are intricately linked as part of a balanced health

regime. Foods are used medicinally to treat the grosser anatomy while herbs are

used for healing the mind and body on a deeper, subtler level. The use of Six

Taste or Arusuvai (Vitasmix66) in every meal gives good tasting in food which

activates our desire to taste, which cultivates a strong appetite, which in

turn stimulates the power of digestion or agni. Strong agni is Ayurveda’s most

important indicator of good health. This is also called as Taste Therapy.
Posted on : 13th Aug 2012
Category : All

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